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I kept hiking and never stopped...
6/25/2019 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: I kept hiking and never stopped...

In June 2003, age 47, I started a hiking group. One day I woke up and decided I was going to be a hiking guide even though I only knew about one trail in the Wasatch Mountains.  I was clearly NOT an experienced, seasoned hiker. I found a few people who were willing to hike with me.  I huffed and puffed up the trail more than any of them. Little by little more people started joining me and my group began to grow and so did my ability to hike. However, I never dreamed during those early hikes that it would lead me to a full time hiking and outdoor adventure career that continues to this day.

I just kept hiking and forgot to stop.

Hiking is actually very easy if you find someone who is supportive and kind and will hike with you. Before you know it you've hiked several miles!  The honest truth is EVERYTHING in life is so much easier when a kind person will join you and support you, regardless of what it is. Some seem to think it's all about tracking your speed, distance, weight, etc.  I think it's more about the consistent effort to find the beauty which comes from people and nature. I've been blessed to be supported by kind, caring people who show up and hike with me..... all the time. Meeting and hiking with people of all ages, all abilities and all walks of life, who share my passion to be active outdoors has it's own incredible rewards.

When I first started out, my focus was all about developing strong hiking legs but the more I hiked, the more I experienced the enormous benefits of mental, social and emotional health. They were the game changers. Physical health and strength improved automatically when those other needs were met. Then came more unexpected health benefits - financial!  I lost my appetite for shopping and spending money on frivolous things or comparing myself to what others had or didn't have. I became more content with what I had and in spending more time and energy with my nature-loving friends and family members in a place I call paradise (Wasatch Mountains and beyond).  It was definitely more powerful than anything money could buy!

In August 2013, 10 years into my hiking career, I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. My surgeon, Dr Kim, learned about my healthy lifestyle and felt confident I would recover quickly. I desperately wanted to believe him. My relationship with my Heavenly Father and the ability to talk with Him and ask for His help through the power of prayer helped me realize the importance of spiritual health. My prayers were miraculously answered and in just two weeks after a foot of my colon was removed and 5 "bullet holes" in my stomach (laparoscopic surgery) I was back on the mountain hiking again! I was slow but I WAS hiking! It felt so good to be back in my happy place! I was so grateful for my own hiking group, my hiking friends and loyal family members who helped me through the dark, unknown, difficult days and months. I was also grateful to have a strong, healthy body to give Dr. Kim to work with.  He was able to remove the cancer with no chemo or radiation treatments needed.

This brings me to what I call The Secret to My Success:

When you combine God's creations with good, kind, caring people, and take the time to develop long-term relationships along the way, it's so much easier to heal, to be active, happy and healthy, regardless of what obstacles get in your way.  It's easier to help others heal as well. 

Hiking was just the tip of the iceberg!  New activities have been added.  I continue to offer hundreds of free activities each year (hiking and community gardening) AND other activities and classes which are not free.

In 2004, my passion for Adventure Trips took off as I started organizing and executing trips near and far (i.e. Switzerland, Caribbean, Iceland, Denmark, Italy, Hawaii, Jackson Hole Wyoming, all of Utah, etc.) which continues to this day.

Please join me and experience this for yourself.

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