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One Secret to my Success - ASEA
4/19/2018 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: One Secret to my Success - ASEA


A game changer for me since December 15, 2017

My business requires me to be strong, healthy and active, which is what I strive for all the time anyway.  ASEA helps me accomplish this on a daily basis and is a powerful tool in my life. 

A good friend introduced me to ASEA December 15, 2017.  Like many people, I didn't understand the product and was skeptical and frankly, I didn't want to try it. 

Lucky for me, my friend was persistent and asked me to give it a honest test for at least a month before making any judgements.  

What happened over the next week and months since using ASEA is very exciting and something I am eager to let others know about. 

We all have our own set of weaknesses, trials and challenges regarding health so what may work for you may be a little different for how it worked for me.  

1)  Learn about ASEA - what it is and what it is not.  It's all about aiding and repairing cells in your body better and faster than ever before.

2) Once you have watched a few videos and learned more, if you decide to use ASEA, I recommend the following.  

3) Plan to use ASEA for at least one full month, as prescribed.   3 months is even better to get an honest assessment of how it is helping you.  

Some will notice a difference very quickly but others it may take longer.  

4) The thing I remember most was how quickly it helped me with some digestive issues I was having related to my colon cancer history. 

5)  It's another great resource for healing the body, not an end all cure. 

Here is a list of some specific ways ASEA has personally helped me. 

Caring for aging, sick parents especially when while they are in the hospital and you are in a toxic environment often.  

Challenges of personally growing older - I think I'm 39 most of the time but sometimes I'm reminded I'm not.

Stress from planning, preparing and executing several outdoor adventure trips each year (2018 Lineup: Hawaii, Italy, Southern Utah, Iceland, Denmark, Switzerland, Wyoming, etc.)

Jet lag from all of these trips

Digestive issues due to having 12" of my colon removed in 2013 due to colon cancer

Hiking and being active in stressful, unfamiliar, humid climates i.e. Hawaii, Caribbean, etc.

Being able to relax and fall asleep each night and waking up well rested after 7 hours or less.

Waking up early in the morning, often without an alarm clock. (Fridays at 3:30 AM, other days between 5:30 - 6 AM) and feeling great!

Common invasions to my body i.e. cold sores, blisters, common colds, sore throat, swollen glands, sneezing, runny nose, head aches, respiratory problems, coughing, etc. 

Constant and continuous muscle and joint aches and pains due to hiking, jumping on trampolines, skiing, tennis and gardening. 

Bug or spider bites

Challenges from serious sun damage on my face.

The need for a continuous energy without any harmfull side effects.  (I do not take or promote any type of energy drinks, caffeine stimulants or any kind of drugs)

Days when I pack in several sports in a short amount of time like hiking, skiing, racketball, and gardening.

Stresses from traveling i.e. adjusting to new time zones, foods, languages, people, surroundings, etc. 

Parties and gatherings that tempt me into eating a wide assortment of foods when my body already has digestive problems. 

Daily challenges at home of being a mother of 4, wife of 1, and grandmother of 6.

ASEA has helped me in these areas and much more.  

I could easily write a chapter on each one of these challenges and how ASEA has made life easier than it used to be.


There are many videos out there to learn more.  I picked these 3 to help you learn what ASEA is and how it works:

My ASEA Website

Video #1

Video #2 

Video #3

If you have any questions or want info about ASEA, let me know.

Contact me when you are ready to try ASEA and see for yourself! 

It comes with a tracking sheet to help you see your progress.

Sheryl: 801-278-5313

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