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Kayak Group
5/5/2019 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Kayak Group

Kayak and Potluck Picnic Group

2 kinds of kayaking

  • White water kayaking

  • Flat water kayaking - This is the kind we do

2 kinds of kayaks

  • Sit in

  • Sit on top - Most of my kayaks are this kind

Basic Skills I’ll help you develop

How to:

  • Get in a kayak

  • Get out of a kayak

  • Paddle forward

  • Paddle Backward

  • Turn right

  • Turn left

  • Stop

  • Pull another kayak or person back to shore

  • Attach seats to a kayak

  • Paddle fast with long efficient strokes

  • Lay down and relax in a kayak

  • Self rescue - when a person tips a kayak over and how to get back in

  • How to practice a Self Rescue in a Sit on Top kayak:

  • Connect multiple kayaks together for greater stability

Navigate a kayak through a large hoop (as if you were kayaking through low tree branches)

Fun Water games designed to improve kayaking skills

  • Retrieve Frisbees or balls in the water

  • Relay Races around an object

  • Kayaking thru a hoop

  • Much more

The Basics:

  • Different types of Kayaks.  I own Corcls, River kayak, Lake kayaks, Sit in kayaks, Sit on top kayaks

  • Single person kayaking

  • Tandem kayaking - 2 people

  • Canoeing vrs. Kayaking

  • Types of Paddles used for Stand up paddle surfing, kayaking, canoeing

  • Life Jackets - What kind to purchase, these are required to wear.  If possible purchase and bring your own each time. I have extra if you don’t have one.

  • Best time of day to kayak - I prefer evenings or early mornings when the water is calm

  • What areas of the lake are best to kayak - I prefer staying in the bay or closer to shore and away from motor boats, jet skis, etc. Also it’s safer early in the season when the water temperature is colder.

  • Danger zones: Kayaks are much smaller and much slower than motor boats and can’t be seen as easily. It’s smart to kayak with others so you become larger and easier to see. I prefer kayaking in places that motorized boats won’t be in or at least moving fast, like closer to shore or in a quiet bay or cove.  

  • Understand and obey water safety rules:, we’ll discuss this more at the lake.

  • What to bring on a kayak - water bottle, tow rope

This group isn’t for those who...

  • Want the freedom to do their own thing and explore whereever they want on the lake

  • Don’t want to stay in a group setting.

Even if you rent from someone else or bring your own kayak, you will be required to abide by the terms and conditions of our group.  

What to bring kayaking:

  • Food item to share with the group at our Potluck Picnic

  • Mess kit (your own plate, cup, bowl, fork, spoon, knife, napkin)

  • IF carpooling: Money to pay your driver to help cover gas and park fee expenses

  • Change of clothing after kayaking

  • Backpack to carry most items in

  • Good walking shoes to help carry kayaks down to the water

  • Flip flops or water shoes

  • Clothes you feel comfortable in when kayaking

  • NOTE:  Cotton fabric does not wick well so if it gets wet it’ll stay wet.

  • Hat

  • Light jacket

  • Sun protection for lips, skin, etc.

  • Sunglasses

  • Camera - there will be some beautiful sunsets when we are kayaking.

About our kayak group:

Those who join us will agree, in writing, to these terms & conditions, for the safety and protection of you and others in our group.

  • This is a private, group outing.

  • You are required to stay with the group

  • Individuals who are kind, caring adults, who will be observant and keep an eye out for each other are the kind of people who will do well in our group and have the most fun.   

  • Because of increased precipitation this past winter, mountain lakes will be fuller and colder and require a different focus than a warm valley body of water.

  • An outing may be shortened or cancelled due to unexpected weather or lake conditions.

  • I’ll decide where we kayak on the water.

  • Wearing an official, coast-guard approved Life Jacket (PFD) is required at all times.

  • There is safety in numbers which is why we’ll stay and play together.

  • This is flat or calm water kayaking as opposed to white water river kayaking w/ white caps.  This doesn’t mean, however, that the water is always like glass.

  • Some members of our group may have kayaking experience and may be bringing their own kayak.

  • If you have any prior kayak experience, let me know.

  • Our season runs for 5 months - May through September

  • Outings throughout the season will not be announced publicly on meetup or my website.

  • For the most part, this is an adult kayaking group.  If you would like to bring a youth or child, talk to me first.  Especially during the first few months children and youth are not invited due to the water temperatures.

  • Members receive detailed outing invites on our private Kayak Whatsapp Group.  If you don’t have Whatsapp on your phone and need help installing it, let me know.  This is a great app that allows us to talk to each other very easily.

  • Cost to participate: $100 for 4 outings, includes life jacket, paddle, kayak, instruction, access to carpools & reduced park fees and gas expenses due to sharing expenses with others.

  • An additional $100 for 4 more outings will be available whenever you like.

  • No single outing payment options are available. Share the expense other adults if you like.

  • Each outing may last up to 2 - 3 hours, depending on the location.

  • For those who bring their own kayak, equipment, and gear, will pay $20/season to join our group and will agree to the terms/conditions.

  • No refunds

  • Prepayment is required - via check, Venmo or Paypal (extra $7 cc fee using PayPal)

  • Outings begin at our assigned meeting time/place and end when the watercraft is put away or loaded in the trucks.

  • Park fees apply which is why carpooling is encouraged.

  • All outings include a simple but delicious potluck picnic before leaving the park.

  • Generally speaking, 4 outings will be posted each month. This number may increase as we get into the season.

  • RSVP is required for each outing, so we have an accurate headcount in advance.

  • Notification is needed if you cancel your RSVP, so others may have an opportunity to participate.

  • By sending in an RSVP, we’ll make sure everyone has a kayak to use.

  • First come, first serve - regarding RSVP’s.  

  • Even if you bring your own kayak, RSVP is still required.

  • Outings will be held in the evenings on a Monday, Tuesday, Friday, or Saturday.  

  • Camping opportunities are also available at some nearby locations i.e. East Canyon State Park and Affleck Park (near Little Dell Reservoir). Reservations are required and extra fee applies.

  • NEW Hammock Camping opportunities are also available at East Canyon State Park.

  • Alcohol is prohibited

  • There are several places we’ll be kayaking

  • 2 of our most regular reservoirs are within 15 and 35 minutes from the Salt Lake valley. (I-80 & 215 intersections)

Other opportunities you are invited to!

  • Join us on these upcoming adventure trips: Switzerland in July, Grand Tetons in August, Lake Powell in September, Iceland in September, Kauai, Hawaii in November, Southern Utah in January 2020

  • Join our other outdoor groups: Community Gardening, Hiking, easy short evening hikes, trampoline classes, Dutch Oven cooking classes, hooping classes, hydroponic gardening classes, Memorial Day breakfast in Millcreek Canyon, Camping Trips, Freeze-dried cooking classes, etc.

About my kayaks & canoes:

Benefits as a member:

  • Opportunities to test out different types of kayaks

  • Opportunities to learn and practice ALL aspects of kayaking ie. cleaning, hand-carrying, loading & transporting in a vehicle in addition to learning kayaking skills on the water

  • Opportunities to learn stand up paddle surfing skills as well as kayaking skills

  • Instruction as needed

  • Potluck Picnic - during or after kayaking, we’ll enjoy a simple but delicious potluck picnic

  • Meet others who also have a desire to learn and practice water sports

Popular items for our Potluck Picnic

  • Appetizers

  • Chips, dip, salsa

  • Fruit platter

  • Cut up watermelon

  • Desserts

  • Vegetable platter

  • any other delicious, healthy, hearty food you want to share is appreciated

About our Potluck Picnics:

Potluck picnic portion of our program needs to be simple, basic but delicious.

Kayaking is a great workout and you’ll be hungry afterward!

Bring something that is inexpensive, easy to prepare, and easy to eat.

Some members will grab a bite to eat before they leave while others may hang around for a while and take in the breath-taking beauty around them.

Either way, we’re happy you are joining us!!

Contact Info:

Sheryl McGlochlin


2836 E Casto Lane

Holladay  UT 84117




Pay by:


Find me on...

VENMO: Sheryl McGlochlin

PAY PAL: - Add $7 extra for cc fees