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International Adventure Trips - How I got started
5/28/2018 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: International Adventure Trips - How I got started

People ask me how I got started in this thriving outdoor adventure business.  As I look back at some of the mile stones in my business, it's interesting to see what thought patterns I had and what decisions I made, not really knowing exactly where they would lead me. Two consistent qualities stand out: 

  • Learn from others
  • Be open to new ideas

I'll never forget a simple but profound experience I had one evening in January 2007 that changed the course of my life.   It is the small and simple decisions we make in our every day lives that make the biggest impact on us long term.  

I was invited to present a 1-hour "How to Snowshoe" course at REI. 

Greg, a man from the audience approached me afterward and said:

"How would you and your husband like to go to Switzerland for 10 days and hike the Alps for free?"  

NONE of that sentence sounded even remotely possible!  

Me - fly to Europe?  Me - get to go to Europe with my husband? Me - be able to sit through a long international flight to Europe?  Me - be able to hike the Alps?  Me - be able to do ANY of this for FREE?  

Bottom line:

8 months later I was in Switzerland hiking the Alps with my husband for FREE - just like he had promised! 

Jump a head several years: 

That trip in 2007 changed my life. Because I was willing to be open minded enough to learn more, I have now returned to Europe several times and have taken many groups of hikers to Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, France, and Iceland and non-European destinations i.e. British and US Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Wyoming and Utah.

I share this story with you because I will make you a similar offer that my good friend made to me. 

If you love adventure travel OR know others who love adventure travel, I'll help you travel for free OR at a reduced pricewhen you refer your friends and family to my adventure trips.   Everyone has contacts and word of mouth is the best way to get the word out.  It's the way we have grown so fast in 15 years. 

I can help you accomplish things and go places that you might otherwise think is impossible.

Contact me to learn details on our referral program.