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Finding your Strengths, Passion and Purpose in Life
2/27/2019 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Finding your Strengths, Passion and Purpose in Life

Finding Your Passion & Purpose in Life

By Sheryl McGlochlin



What is Passion

Discovering YOUR Passion

30 Clues to Finding YOUR Passion

Looking for passions in others

Finding your purpose in Life

How to Enhance your passion

The meaning of Enhance

Benefits of Finding your Purpose in Life


The Costco Flavor

It Pays to be Kind and Generous

Avoiding the Skeptics

Containing your passions

Finding time for your passions

Learning how to Be Specific

Sheryl’s Passions - a few of….

Quotes and Thoughts on Passion


“Lights, Camera, PASSION”, Discover Passion, Discover Happiness, Discover Success by Darin Adams

What is passion?

Devotion, affection, feeling, dedication, excitement, intensity, joy, zeal, warmth, spirit, fervor, taking something seriously, character, energy, enthusiasm, heart, quality, vigor, vitality, life, will

There are….

  • Things we do
  • Things we do well
  • Things we do with Passion

How to Discover YOUR Passion

  • Get Acquainted with different things and different people
  • I enjoy “introducing” or helping people get acquainted with a wide variety of  outdoor adventures
  • Whether or not any part of “outdoor adventure” is a passion of yours, be open to trying a wide assortment of activities or visiting new places you’ve never been.  
  • Give it more than just a little effort to see if this is something you like or not. 
  • Finding your passion requires moving forward and taking a leap of faith. People hesitate to step forward into the unknown until they are almost guaranteed it will be a positive experience.   
  • Try something new in your life!  You may just accidentally discover a passion!  
  • What are things that make you 1) happy 2) excited about getting up each day 
  • What do you look forward to?  What are some things that edify and uplift you?  
  • Think about the types of books, movies, music, magazines, sports, classes, TV shows, places you visit, activities you participate in, etc. that make you a better person, that make you feel happy inside and make you want to share this with another person. 
  • Focus on the positive.
  • It need not be a perfect experience the first time or even any time.  
  • It is something you may feel drawn to again and because it may ignite something inside of you.
  • Remember this: you are a unique, one-of-a-kind, type of person because of a combination of many specific things that only you possess.  Not only are you very valuable to others but those you meet are also of great worth and valuable! 

30 Ways for Finding a Passion

Think about and write down your





Character traits

Personality traits




















Spiritual gifts





Look for passions in other people

It’s harder to notice unique things about ourselves so try this fun, simple exercise.  Become more observant and notice something in another person that easily stands out. For example, I have a friend that always has a big smile on his face when you meet him.  He easily lights up a room naturally, without even thinking about it. That is what we call a spiritual gift. He was born with that gift.

Pick someone you know i.e. a friend, co-worker, church member, boss, business associate, neighbor, family member, club member, or even someone you don’t know personally like a celebrity, a community or national leader, etc.

Pick one person.

Focus only on the positive.

Think about the 30 clues above.

Find one thing about him or her.

Be specific.

What stands out about this person that you notice right away?

Write it down.  

For example, are they cooperative, peacemaker, confident, enthusiastic, energetic, leader, consistent, persistent, hard working, happy, non-judgemental, kind, respectful, makes you laugh, affectionate, witty, always positive, smiling, observant, friendly, loyal, helpful, soft spoken, sensitive to others needs, patient, etc.

What do you like about this person?

What do others notice or admire about this person?

Is there anything you see in this person that you would like to be more like?

Try to be specific in your answers.

How to discover this same thing about yourself:

Ask other people who are close to you to tell you something they notice about you, something POSITIVE.

Do the same exercise above but about yourself, with the help of others.

Focus on the positive.  

Ask someone privately, not in a group setting.

You may be surprised to hear a variety of responses and hear about qualities that others notice quickly about you that you didn’t even realize you had.  

Finding your Purpose in Life

The key to finding your purpose in life is to “look beyond yourself and help and lift other people along the way by using your passions.”

How to ENHANCE your Passion

Finding your purpose in life will automatically enhance your passion! You’ll discover a much greater satisfaction and motivation as you look for opportunities to serve and help others while you are developing your own passions.  

The meaning of ENHANCE

To “enhance” something is to augment, boost, enlarge, magnify, build-up, compliment, increase, intensify, heighten, reinforce, add to, strengthen, upgrade

Benefits of Finding your Purpose in Life

You can’t help another person without also helping yourself in some significant way.

Once you find something you really love to do, and then you learn how to make it even BETTER, what could be greater than that?

Small and simple things in your life are generally the most satisfying and grand when they involve helping other people!



I have a passion for playing the piano.  It becomes so much more fulfilling when I am able to play for others and give them the gift of music rather than just playing for myself.  


I have a passion for preparing for emergencies.  One way this passion becomes more satisfying is by taking people hiking in a snowstorm, rainstorm, or windy, cold conditions and giving them a chance to test out their clothing in less than desirable weather conditions.


My passion for outdoor cooking using Dutch Ovens (heavy cast iron cookware heated with charcoal) satisfies at least 3 passions of mine - being outdoors, cooking, and emergency preparedness but none of this would be nearly as much fun if I didn’t have people to cook for and teach them how to cook a delicious dinner with Dutch Ovens.


My daughter has a passion for dance.  She is a busy stay at home mom with 4 children so trying to get out of the house is not possible.  She let her neighbors know she was offering a FREE childrens dance class in her home once a week for an hour.  She gets to dance but even more satisfying is watching her own 4 year old and a bunch of other children so excited to learn new dance routine that she teaches them!


Recently I met a man skiing who I could clearly see that skiing was a passion for him but as we talked while riding up the mountain on the ski lift together he expressed that watching his 5 year old child learn how to ski was far more thrilling than skiing all day by himself.   


I have a passion for skiing.  When I was 22 years old, I worked at Snowbird Ski Resort. Every day on my lunch break I would get to ski which I thought would be incredible!  I soon learned that skiing by itself is not that exciting but skiing with others or helping others brought me a lot more happiness. I started looking for anyone on the mountain who may need my help, who may have dropped a pole or a glove or someone who fell and might need help getting up. I remember a time when one man fell and he was so worried because he was skiing with his child and now the child was half way down the mountain and he didn’t know his father had fallen.  The father called to me and asked if I would ski and catch up to his child to let him know his father was alright. I remember how good it felt to ski well enough to be able to help someone in need.


I have a passion for playing ping pong.  Recently I discovered something unique about this sport.  I was playing ping pong with someone who was dealing with much pain and anger in their heart.  Our ping pong session turned into a much needed therapy session. As we played ping pong she was able to share her hurt and pain.  I had never thought about Ping Pong Therapy before but it works! We both became much better ping pong players as she unloaded her feelings on me. Sometimes just being there working out or playing ping pong and letting someone talk is a huge gift you can give someone.


I have a passion for jumping on trampolines.  I have 5 large trampolines in my backyard and we are a trampoline-jumping family and have been for nearly 40 years.  Since I have multiple trampolines, I have a rule: “1 person per trampoline”. I invited a friend over to jump for an hour in a little exercise class. The time went by so fast and was so much fun when we were jumping together!  I love teaching basic trampoline skills to people and watch as they increase their agility, balance and coordination skills!


I have a passion for playing board games i.e. Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Codenames, etc.  I have discovered that my husband and I are able to connect and communicate the most while playing board games in the evening.  This activity includes 2 passions: fun easy inexpensive date night with my husband 2) playing board games


My husband has a passion for shopping. I hate running errands or shopping so I am so excited when my husband who is more than happy to do this will stop at a grocery store for me or purchase what I need online.  It is a huge time saver for me and it’s something he loves to do! We both have a passion for staying out of debt so we work hard at only buying what we need and not going on a spending spree!


I have a passion preparing for and executing special dinner parties occasionally.  It’s exciting to plan, organize and prepare a dinner party! Setting the table just right, make sure the kitchen is clean, trying new recipes or preparing something I’ve never made before - it’s all pretty exciting!   Recently it was my son’s 35th birthday. I always ask my family members what meal they want for their birthday. He requested halibut, shrimp and a curry dish. I have a passion for cooking meals, especially when I receive some help in the kitchen. On this occasion I hadn’t ever prepared halibut before so the day before I went to a Fish Market and asked for advice on how to cook halibut.  Not only was everyone happy with the meal but I learned how to cook something new! Our menu on this day consisted of shrimp w/ cocktail sauce, breaded halibut, steamed carrots & zucchini and chicken w/ yellow curry sauce, homemade rolls w/ honey, mashed potatoes w/ gravy, relish plate, chocolate cake w/ vanilla ice cream.


My daughter has a passion for numbers! Anything to do with numbers she is all over it!  She loves finances and accounting as a result. She has helped me a lot in my business because of her skills in finance. It gives her something stimulating to think about for an hour or two each day  and it helps keep my business going in the right direction!


My 32 year old son has a passion for working with spreadsheets!  Because of his talent, skills and knowledge in this area he has easily helped me with hundreds of tiny details as I collect information and details for upcoming adventure trips.  He not only earns extra money doing something he loves to do but he finds great satisfaction in helping me stay organized with several adventure trips.


My son has a passion for speaking Italian!  This continues to be a great ability and gift because he is eager to speak this language as often as possible.  He looks for creative ways to help other people learn and speak Italian by tutoring students.


My husband has a passion and desire to help people in very quiet, subtle ways, behind the scenes.  He is very uncomfortable when he has to be in front of people, in high profile settings. He is all about quiet acts of service.  If you don’t look carefully you will miss many of the quiet but very valuable things he does for people… never desiring any fanfare or applause.  It might be doing a load of wash for me, helping me with the dishes without being asked to, shoveling the snow off the driveway, folding some clothes and putting them away, fixing a computer problem, writing a love note, running an errand, etc.

The “COSTCO” Flavor

Despite our busy, fast-paced lives, we can all use our talents to bless others and be a force for good.

It pays to be kind and generous

As I walk into Costco, I generally notice lots of “free sample” tables scattered throughout the store. I also notice a very generous, hard-working staff trying to help me when I’m ready to checkout.  The Costco leaders have created an atmosphere that is a comfortable, honest, clean, generous, friendly, kind, efficient, hassle-free, fully-stocked environment. This business model is very successful because people are drawn to Costco in droves no matter where you go in the world!  I have tried to adopt this same business model on a much smaller scale. For me, another company I have noticed with this same business model is Delta Airlines.

The opposite of Costco or Delta, in my opinion are: money-hungry, dishonest, trying to make a fast buck, self-serving, pushy, greedy, stingy, etc.

Life is like a boomerang.  Whatever you throw out will always come back and hit you!  

It’s like a magic trick!  I have discovered that as we choose to focus on helping or serving others using our passions, the rest takes care of itself.  Those who choose to focus primarily on earning money, increasing income, worrying about profit, etc. will never be truly happy and will miss many great opportunities in life.


By putting myself in the path of others and looking daily for ways to help others along the way I have had more opportunities open up to me, more income, more satisfaction, more peace, more happiness, more strength, more mental, emotional and physical health in my mind and body and the benefits are many!

My desire is to be known as a kind, generous person so I work hard to do things each day that reflects my goals and ambitions.

Avoid the Skeptics

There may be some who try to tear down your dreams and ambitions.  I don’t spend any time discussing my passions with people who don’t support me.  Regardless of whether they try to discourage you based on their own perceptions and reality just stay strong and keep moving forward, inch by inch if necessary.

Because people sometimes don’t understand you or your motives they may say or do things that are hurtful. As long as you understand this in advance, when it happens it won’t phase you. People don’t understand how you feel and their lack of support may reflect that. Focus on the positive and stay close to those who are positive and supportive.  

AS YOU ARE IN THE ACT OF MOVING FORWARD you’ll be inspired and guided.  You’ll learn how to work out the bugs. Have faith and keep moving forward  Don’t spend any time dwelling on the lack of support or encouragement you may be receiving.

Stay focused on pursuing your passions and those who will support you.  


As I prepare to produce and release several of these Outdoor Adventure Training Videos I’ve had people who didn’t understand my intent and think I am just eager to be a “celebrity” of sorts.

Contain your Passions

Some passions have to be contained or they will take over your whole life!   They can ruin your life rather than help it.

Think about what matters the most to you.

Hopefully what matters most are RELATIONSHIPS and not material possessions.

Think about your priorities, what you value most.

Protect those relationships with all of your strength and energy.


For me, I have determined RELATIONSHIPS mean the most to me.

I know who and what I value most.

For me, my relationships are in this order:

Jesus Christ

my husband Dave

my 6 grown children and daughter and son in-laws

my 6 grandchildren

my extended family

my friends

business associates


Many of my friends are my hikers and those who I spend time in the outdoors with often.  I protect these relationships in my life. I don’t allow any of my passions to dominate the people that matter most.

Finding time for your passions

There really IS plenty of time to fit it all in.

You have time!

There are 168 hours each week.

There are 730 hours each month.

There are 8760 hours each year.

The GREAT thing about fitting in more of the things that mean the most to you will ALSO help you eliminate wasted time or things that have no value.  Something has to give and hopefully you’ll find you are spending more time and energy on things that have great value to you!

It makes me sad to hear someone say:  “I’m just killing time” OR “I have a few hours to kill”.

To me that is painful!  No one should be trying to KILL their hours.


Since I have many passions, I have some that I only do a few hours each week, or even a few hours each month.  Like everything else in life, if you make a plan and schedule it in you are more likely to make sure you fit it in.

I will get up earlier in the morning to fit some things in.  That means I will go to bed earlier at night. By fitting more things in to my life that I love, it means I will have less time to do that’s have are meaningless which is fantastic!

That may mean less time for TV, video games, gossiping or mindless chatter on social media or in person, surfing the web, sleeping too long, etc. Think about ways you personally waste time and start to fill it in with things you love more OR want to pursue more.   

Learn how to be Specific:  

Try to be very specific in what you want, what you like to do, what you find joy in doing, what you need, what are your desires, what you like in other people, what you don’t like in other people.  Most of this won’t happen while you are sitting down thinking about it. It will be while you are DOING something, so quickly stop and write something down when it comes to you.


I remember kneeling down and praying to God one time when I was really hurting.  All I could say while I was crying was “Help.” I got this thought in my mind like God was saying to me…..”Help with what?”   I know my Father in Heaven knew exactly what I was hurting from but he wanted me to think about it and help me answer my own prayer more than I was.  He wanted me to be more specific and think about a few things so I could learn how to help myself more than I was and not just feel helpless, making God do all the work.  

Sheryl’s Passions, just some of them

Taking bulk food items and dividing it into single serving size plastic bags


Helping people through outdoor adventures and others ways

Making people happy

Living the Gospel of Jesus Christ so I can feel His constant guidance in my life each day

Spending time with my husband, children and grandchildren

Waterfall Hiking in Utah, Hawaii and Iceland

Going on a fast spending spree for my adventure group, in Costco, in places like Hawaii

Hot baths with Epsom Salt early in the morning

Listening to Audio Talks while driving in the car

Summer “High Altitude” Hiking

Winter Hiking


Teaching classes in Snowshoeing, Kayaking, Stand Up Paddle Surfing, Camping, Hooping, Feeding a Family, etc.

Working out on my Ski Machine

Working out on my Balance Board

Working out with my Grandkids

Skiing with my friends

Meeting new people


Stand Up Paddle Surfing

Planning and Researching Adventure Trips

Going on an Adventure Trip with my family

Scouting out a new destination for an Adventure Trip

Taking clients on Adventure Trips, whether they last only 3 hours or 10 days

Cooking for people on Adventure Trips

Demonstrating and Teaching Dutch Oven Cooking and Outdoor Cooking

Building a Campfire

Practicing emergency preparedness skills

Going Boating early in the morning

Sunrise walks on the beach

Sunset walks on the beach

Stretching on the beach

Early morning walks in Italy, Iceland or Switzerland

Looking for the Northern Lights in Iceland

Playing Ping Pong

Playing the Piano for people

Playing Board games with my husband, family members or clients on a trip

Jumping on Trampolines

Bike riding

Writing First thing in the morning when my thoughts seem to flow fast and easy

Nature Photography

Dreaming up, researching and writing up new classes

Quotes and Thoughts on Passion

(From our Textbook)

It all comes down to Passion

Passion is the vehicle to get thoughts and ideas engaged with our soul

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.  If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.  As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know it when you find it.  Steve Jobs

Passions don’t have to affect large numbers.  They just have to affect you.

You gotta stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone oughta be.  Richard from Texas, Eat, Pray Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert

The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd.  The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.  Albert Einstein

Passions Change!

Sometimes, on the way to the dream, you get lost and find a better one!  Lisa Hammond

It’s perfectly healthy to grow out of a passion.  But what can be unhealthy is to not grow into anything else.

You don’t have to be good at passions!

It’s Impossible!  Said Pride

It’s risky.  Said experience

It’s pointless.  Said Reason.

Give it a try, whispered the heart.

Don’t confuse a skill set with a passion.

One thing life has taught me:  If you are interested, you never have to look for new interests.  They come to you. When you are genuinely interested in one thing, it will always lead to something else.  Eleanor Roosevelt

If you are going to be passionate about something, be passionate about learning.  And if you’re going to hate something, hate the false idea that you are not capable of your dreams.  Daniel Golston

Others can benefit from your passions

Do what you love.  You’ll be better at it. Francis Ford Coppola

I fall in love with people’s passion, the way their eyes light up when they talk about the thing they love and the way they fill with light.  Melissa Cox.

One of the residual benefits of passion is that others can get caught up in the wake and ride along.  They can benefit from your passion.

Passion is Power

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.  Emerson

One person with passion is better than 40 people merely interested.  E M Forster

The most beautiful makeup for a woman is passion.  But cosmetics are easier to buy.  Yves Saint Laurent

Sometimes our passions are powerful enough to transform others.  Sometimes they are powerful enough to transform ourselves.

These quotes are TRUE because I’ve experienced them personally!!!