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About the local hikes
12/22/2017 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: About the local hikes

  • I am the sole organizer, planner and promoter for all Live and Thrive hikes and events.
  • Local hikes are posted in two places online: 1) my website: and on the website.
  • A brief, pre-hike meeting is held prior to each hike to answer any questions or concerns.
  • Several assistants help me with my hikes.  Get to know them as well.
  • Safety is always our #1 priority. 
  • 15 years of researching, organizing and leading hikes in the Wasatch Mountains, year round, has given me invaluable experience and knowledge in helping to keep hikers safe especially during winter months.
  • Those who hike with us are expected to stay on maintained trails, use good judgement and act accordingly.
  • Websites i.e., provide valuable information about trails, however, this information may not be accurate for my hikes.  For example, a hike may be posted that has several different trails in that area. I am aware of the needs and abilities of our hikers and try to plan our hikes accordingly.
  • Winter hikes from December through March will require extra foot gear. See info under EQUIPMENT AND GEAR on my website.
  • When snowshoes are required, I'll post “SNOWSHOE HIKE” in the title within 24 hours of the outing.
  • Hikes are rarely ever canceled even with undesirable weather i.e. rain, snow, wind, etc. It may be a shorter hike but there is a hike.  Take advantage of opportunities like this to test out your winter clothing. If you are not warm and comfortable on cold winter days, we are happy to help you, especially without spending much money. 
  • Sometimes driving in the canyons may be difficult during winter months.  When this happens we easily switch over to one of the many trailheads that are located outside the canyons. 
  • In our collection of trails, we have our favorite hikes for rainy days, windy days, snowy days, etc.  
  • Sledding may be added to our winter hiking events, as well. Occasionally you may see some of us hike up and sled down.
  • Tuesday and Thursday hikers start gathering at 8 AM and leave for trailhead at 8:15 AM. 
  • Saturday hikers start gathering at 8 AM and leave for trailhead at 8:30 AM.
  • Summer schedule, June 1 - Aug. 31, is slightly earlier and will be posted online. 
  • Every hike ends by 12 Noon or before, UNLESS it’s stated otherwise. If hikers would like to go longer than 12 noon that is acceptable but needs to be stated at our meeting place prior to hiking. 
  • Some hikers prefer to meander, stop and take photos often, walk slower or hike only a short distance.  This is acceptable but needs to be stated at our meeting place prior to hiking.
  • Carpools are encouraged. Plenty of people are always willing to drive. Those who are compatible hikers will carpool together.
  • You may drive on your own if you prefer.
  • Hikers are encouraged to hike at a pace they are comfortable with others who are of a similar pace and mindset. I can help you find compatible hiking companions. 
  • Avoid hiking alone any time but especially during winter months.
  • Within our hiking group, you may discover two or three groups: 1) faster hikers, moderately fast hikers and slower hikers.  Sometimes we split our group and explore two different trails in the area. Everyone turns around at the same time.  
  • Hikes are based on a time period - NOT distance or elevation gain. Our general turnaround time for an out and back hike is 10:30 AM or before, which allows everyone to be off the trail by 12 Noon. Special outings may have a specific destination and length associated with it. 
  • “Out and back trails” mean hikers will turn around at 10:30 AM and hike back to the trailhead on the same trail they came in on.
  • “Loop trails” or “One Way Hikes” will be posted or discussed prior to hiking. Shuttle cars are often dropped off before the hike begins and will still end before 12 noon. 
  • Faster hikers may gain more elevation and travel further than slower hikers, during the same amount of time.
  • Hikers are encouraged to focus on their own personal best efforts and not try to compete or keep up with anyone else.
  • Hikes may range from 3 - 10 miles in length, depending on many factors. Snowshoeing in deeper snow is a great workout in a very short amount of distance, for example.
  • Most of our hikes are catered to a moderate hiking ability however some hikers join us to learn where many trails are since we are constantly hiking on a different trail. Some will join us for a short hike and walk slow then meet up with us towards the end. 
  • We are made up of men and women, ranging from ages 30 - 70, with some younger and older. 
  • Children and teens may attend occasionally - those who are quiet, don't complain or whine are especially invited! If you plan to bring a child, let me know in advance. 
  • Utah has strict laws regarding dogs in the canyons. Go online or talk to me before bringing your pooch. 
  • Come and talk to me in person at our meeting place, prior to leaving for a hike.  I am eager to meet new hikers and find out how I can help you have a great hiking experience! 


All trails are subject to change without notice due to weather, road and/or trail conditions beyond our control.
If there is a last minute change it will be made at our 6200 South meeting place, prior to leaving for the trail.

It’s very rare but it could happen especially during the winter months. If you need to meet us somewhere other than our 6200 South meeting place, contact me in advance so I can notify you if there is a change.