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About our hiking group 2019
5/13/2019 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: About our hiking group 2019

This hike is part of a series of hikes offered weekly every week of the year. We warmly welcome new hikers as well as our loyal, seasoned, more experienced hikers. 
When you attend, you are joining a free, consistent, friendly, seasoned hiking group which includes a variety of hiking abilities. If you are concerned about how you will fit in, talk to me in advance and let me know if you prefer a slower pace so I can pair you with similar hikers.

New hikers join us nearly every week.  They come from all walks of life and have a variety of  hiking abilities.  There are ample opportunities to make new friends and develop new relationships with others who also have a desire to be active outdoors. 

I'm eager to help you have a great time, the first time you join us! 
We rarely cancel an outing unless weather conditions prevent us from getting to our 6200 South meeting place.

Because hiking outings occur so frequently, detailed information is generally not included, however, all hikes are beautiful, safe and have options for beginner and moderate abilities. Everyone agrees to be off the mountain generally by 11:30 AM and no later than 1 PM. 
Most hikes last  2 - 3 hours, however, you may always enjoy a shorter hike lasting only 30 - 60 minutes if you prefer. 
For out and back hikes, most hikers turn around by 10:30 AM.


Opportunities to learn about and hike on 100’s of trails throughout the Wasatch Mountain Range and beyond.
Meet others who also have a desire to be active outdoors and improve their hiking skills