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2018 Adventure Trips
2/7/2018 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: 2018 Adventure Trips

Committing to and anticipating an adventure trip with us this year is one of the quickest ways to improve your life immediately!

The minute you commit to one of our adventure vacations it will help you 1) begin thinking new thoughts 2) start forming new daily habits 3) meet new healthy-minded, active people 4) get excited about your life!

 JOIN US!  You definitely won't regret it.

Join us on an amazing adventure trip this year!

There is still time to join us in Oahu, Hawaii!  

Oahu, Hawaii Trip

February 15 - 22, 2018


Southern Utah Spring Trip

April 2 - 5, 2018


Italy Trip

May 1 - 11, 2018



Iceland is waterfall heaven and some of the best hiking in the world!

Iceland Trip

May 14 - 22, 2018


Hiking near Jackson, Wyoming

Jackson Hole Wyoming Trip

July 17-21

Pre-Trip Meeting, Wednesday, February 7, 7-8:30 PM


The majestic Grand Tetons in the background in June

Monte San Salvatore, Switzerland 

Switzerland Trip

September 7-16


Sample of just our salad bar served on many trips.  Customize your meals as you like.

Our lodging is a short 20 minute walk from this incredible waterfall - Skogafoss!

Iceland September Trip 

September 17-25


Lanai Hawaii Trip

November 8 - 15
Pre-Trip Meeting:  Saturday, February 10, 5-6:30 PM

Beautiful Madonna del Sasso, Locarno, Switzerland - our September Trip

Backpacking and Packing Tips for Traveling


I look forward to traveling with you this year!

(Pittsburgh in the background)