• Event Date:
    Apr 21, 2017


Weekend Adventure Trip

April 21 - 23, 2017

About our Canyoneering Trips

This is a true adventure of a lifetime! 

If you have never been canyoneering before, you are in for a real treat! 

If you have been before, you already know how fun this will be!

NOW is the time to join us as you learn and practice many valuable canyoneering skills. 

Our groups are small so you will receive plenty of individual attention.

No more than 6 people (not including guides.)

Our professional guides are very patient, caring and kind. 

They will help you every step of the way. 

All canyoneering gear is provided - ropes, harness, helmet, etc.

At one point, I had some fears about trying this sport but once I tried it, it didn't take long to see just how fun and easy this sport really is! 

Expect a safe, relaxed environment so you can

1) have a great time 

2) easily get to know others in our group 

3) learn valuable canyoneering skills and knowledge 

4) experience a variety of beautiful terrain in southern Utah 

5) participate at a physical level that is right for you.  

We attract many incredible, interesting, active people of all ages who come from all walks of life. 

The combination of scenery, activities and sports, people and food make this experience an incredible memory that won't soon be forgotten! 

Developing new friendships and gaining new skills are among the greatest and most long lasting rewards of all! 

Be prepared to be on an all time high for days and months following this outing!  It's that good. 

It will do wonders for your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and social wellness. 


2 nights

3 days

1 full day of Canyoneering

5 delicious, hearty, healthy meals with generous portions

Beautiful Vacation Home with Swimming Pool in Southern Utah 

$200 deposit confirms your reservation

Full payment due 30 days prior to departure

Non-refundable 30 days prior to departure



Friday  (Snacks, Fruit)

9 PM Friday: 

Arrive on or before this time at our home in Coral Springs area (approx. 10 minute drive north of St. George)

Get acquainted with your guides and discuss plans for the main event on Saturday

Fresh fruits and snacks provided

Saturday  (B, L, D) The Big Day!

6 - 8 AM:  Eat breakfast, prepare your sack lunch, Optional: stretch, do yoga

8 AM:  Spend the day Canyoneering with your professional guides  

6 PM - Dinner & short meeting to discuss specific plans for the following day

6:30 - 10 pm - Sunset photography, exploring, star gazing, board/card games, relaxing, alone time, social time, free time, journal writing, reading, etc.

Sunday  (B, L, D)

8 AM:  Prepare to check out.  Some members will be heading home first thing in the morning.  If you prefer to stay and hike and explore for a while that works too! 
We’ll discuss all options the night before so we can accommodate everyone on this final day. 

What to bring

  • Hiking clothes & gear (dress in layers - be ready for cool or warm weather)
  • Hiking Shoes/socks
  • Trekking Poles (optional)
  • Hat, Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip Protection
  • Small Games (optional)
  • Cell Phone
  • Electronics i.e. lap top, tablet, camera, etc. (optional)
  • Toiletries/Hand Sanitizer/Personal Items
  • Light Rain Jacket, Warm Jacket
  • Snacks/Beverages of your choice
  • Water Bottle
  • Back Pack
NOTE: All canyoneering gear (helmet, ropes, etc.) are all included in the price


5 Delicious Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner).  Healthy, hearty, home cooked dinner entrees are provided.

Everyone will choose and prepare their own breakfast and lunch from an assortment of food provided. 

Breakfast items include granola, hot cereal, brown and white sugar, walnuts, almond milk, regular milk, toast, jam, eggs, fruit, juice.  

Sack lunch items include a variety of sandwich makings i.e. peanut butter, jam, turkey, cheese, lettuce, spinach, pickles, bread, condiments, chips, fruit, veggie sticks, cookies.

Tap water is provided.  Provide your own beverages other than water. 

Prior to leaving….

Let me know about any medical conditions, food preferences, allergies, physical limitations, or anything else you may be concerned with.  

My goal is to do everything within reason to help you have a fun, safe, comfortable, memorable adventure trip!

If you prefer this information will be kept confidential.

Tell me about any talents, experience, knowledge, resources or skills you have relating to this trip including musical or photography talents, etc. 

Tell me about any concerns or questions you have regarding lodging accommodations, carpooling, transportation, booking/finding airfare, etc.

Flexible Activity Level

You are invited to join in on as many activities as you prefer.  Let me know in advance if possible what your preferences are.

Every effort is made to accommodate a variety of physical abilities and skill levels.  

There is no pressure to compete or keep up with others in the group.  


During the trip, an important, daily, short meeting is held generally in the evening during dinner to discuss activities and plans for the following day. 

Any suggestions, concerns, problems, etc., should be discussed at this time if possible OR let me know before we depart on the trip. 

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