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  • Event Date:
    Sep 12, 2017
  • Time: 1 PM
  • Location: Levanto, Italy
  • Display Price:$2399
  • Disclaimer: I agree to participate at my own risk. I understand that neither Live and Thrive LLC, Sheryl, her assistants, Salt Lake School District, Granite Peaks Community Education Program or Meetup.com are responsible or liable for my safety. I understand that European adventures involving a variety of activities and sports can potentially be dangerous.  I will be responsible and prepared and take Sheryl's recommendations on how to prepare for this trip.  I also understand that I may attend Sheryl's FREE weekly Hiking Orientation held every Saturday throughout the year in Salt Lake City, if needed. Details are posted on the liveandthrive.com Calendar.  I agree to abide by Sheryl's guidelines for my own safety and protection and the protection and safety of others.
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    • Initial deposit per attendee:
      • Price:400
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      • Max: 6

Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by.

—Robert Frost


September 12 - 21, 2017


Join us in northern Italy, Cinque Terre and beyond!  

Enjoy this beautiful region along the coast with the daily companionship of our guide who speaks fluent Italian and who knows this area well. We'll be hiking in all 5 cities in the Cinque Terre along with boat rides or hiking in Portovenere and La Spezia. Levanto, our home base for the week, reminds me of being in the Caribbean AND in Italy - all at the same time! It is part of the beautiful Italian Riviera on the Mediterranean Sea just north of the Cinque Terre. You will easily fall in love with the Italian life style, kind generous locals, numerous hikes, stunning views, castles, gorgeous beaches, Italian culture, simple life, incredible food and beauty of this safe little resort town. The hardest part will be leaving this piece of paradise in Europe!  

If you enjoy adventure travel, meeting new people, visiting new places, experiencing new things, being active outdoors, this is the trip for you! 

Trip Information

PRE-TRIP Meeting: 

I'll be hosting one or more pre-trip meetings at my home to discuss all the trip details.  During this time let me know if you would like assistance on 1) booking airfare 2) finding a room mate, etc.  What concerns or questions do you have? We'll discuss ground transportation, meals/food, activities/itinerary, etc. I'll ask you 1) why you want to come on this trip 2)  what activities are you most interested in, 3) what is your hiking ability, etc.  Once I learn more about you I can customize this trip and help you meet others who are attending with similar interests and abilities. 



  • Double occupancy - $2399 per person
  • Single occupancy - $2799 per person


$400 Deposit Due at the time of registration
Full Amount Due: 90 days prior to leaving

Price includes

  • Experienced Italian speaking guide
  • Lodging in Levanto (5 minute train ride to Cinque Terre) 
  • Activities and adventures (flexible participation level)
  • Meals (3 meals/day)
  • Early morning yoga on the beach, 5 minute walk from our lodging.
  • PLENTY of beach time!
  • Evening sunset photography, yoga, etc.
  • Ground Transportation via Trains through the Cinque Terre and surrounding areas i.e. La Spezia, Portovenere
  • Roommate Assistance (if needed)
  • Assistance in booking special excursions/activities i.e. boat rides, etc. (if needed)
  • Booking airfare assistance (which could save you a lot of money)

Not included in Price

  • Excursions and/or activities that require additional fees or other rental gear, national/state park fees
  • beverages other than water
  • items of a personal nature
  • insurance of any kind
  • airfare
  • guide gratuities

Lodging Accommodations

Lodging is located in our favorite town of Levanto.  This is a beautiful little town with plenty to do and see all the time! Our lodging is just a short 5 minute walk to the beach and is central to many of our activities. Check-in time: 3 PM.  Check out: 10 AM.


Ground transportation provided for this trip starts and ends in Levanto.  Public trains are easy to access and will take you directly to Levanto. Plenty of people speak English in the airport and train station.  You may fly in to Florence, Milan or Genoa Airports. I'll be happy to help you book airfare. You may also book on the same flights we are coming in on if you want companionship from Salt Lake to Milan. I encourage and help everyone in our group (who would like this service) to book flights and train rides together, as much as possible, so it's not so daunting. We will know when you are arriving in advance so we can be there to pick you up as you get off the train in Levanto. Prepare to take a short, easy 10 minute walk to our lodging accommodations. When traveling to Europe, it's best to pack light so walking with luggage is not a burden. We'll teach you how to do this if you request help.


Distance by Train from Levanto to Cinque Terre:
10 - 30 minute train ride depending on which of the 5 cities you are traveling to

Meals* and Snacks

Once we arrive in Levanto, 3 meals/day are provided (Breakfast, lunch, dinner).  The food is incredible and there is plenty of it everywhere you go!  There are plenty of options to choose from each day.  If you love good Italian food you'll be in heaven since there is food on every corner in Levanto and it is ALL very DELICIOUS!  The hardest part about eating is deciding what to eat since there is so much to choose from. Good luck on losing weight! You may eat out or visit the local markets for fresh fruit & veggies, pizza, bakeries, pastries, meat, dairy, etc. The pizza is always fantastic!  Leave room for incredible gelato every day. 

*You will receive a daily allowance of Euros for meals each day to be used how or where you choose. You may eat with the group or on your own. Eat out or eat in! Our home base will have a kitchen which you may prepare and cook your own meals if you prefer.  We'll visit the local grocery stores with you and help you get acquainted with anything you may be looking for.  


Note on Itinerary

Although we do our best to adhere to our daily schedule, this itinerary is subject to change for numerous reasons beyond our control

Activities and Sports

  • Hike
  • Football or frisbee on the beach
  • Bike
  • Yoga on the beach
  • Massage on the beach
  • Walk
  • Run
  • Jog
  • Star Gaze
  • Boat rides
  • Swim
  • Surf
  • Explore Castles
  • Sun Bath
  • Shop/Browse
  • Photography (especially Sunrise & Sunsets)
  • Sight See
  • Snorkel
  • Kayak
  • Stand up Paddle


Pre-Trip Meeting




Sheryl’s home
2836 E Casto Lane (5060 South)
Holladay, UT 84117.


  • Meet Sheryl & get better acquainted with those attending
  • Discuss details of the trip
  • Answer questions, concerns, etc.
  • Notes and info will be shared with those unable to attend.
  • Light refreshments served

Required Gear

  • Trekking poles recommended for hiking

Required Clothing

  • Light rain jacket
  • hat and sunglasses for sun
  • comfortable clothes for hiking, biking, etc.  
  • hiking/walking shoes
  • swim suit or clothes for water sports

Other Items

  • Travel Documents: Passport, Driver's License

Tips for a successful trip

Hiking Activity Level

To get the MAXIMUM benefits from this adventure trip, members should be able to hike approximately 4 miles in approx. 2 hours with 500 feet elevation gain. (Approx. 2 miles/hour)

Flexible Activity Level

Participate in as many activities and adventures as you like. We can accommodate a variety of physical abilities. No need to feel pressure to compete or keep up with anyone else. Those attending generally have a variety of abilities, so there is always someone to be with. 

Attend VIP Meetings

While we are on the trip, there will be a short but important daily meeting held in the evening to discuss plans for the following day.

Hike with Sheryl

Prior to the trip, if you are in the Salt Lake City area, come hike with Sheryl and get to know her and her organization better. With 200+ hiking outings offered each year, this is one of the best ways to become familiar with how she operates. Check out our Hiking Calendar - 3 months are posted at a time. Look at the past calendar as well to get an idea of places we like to hike and travel.

Share with Sheryl

Prior to the trip, please inform Sheryl of any medical conditions, food preferences, allergies, physical limitations, or anything else you can think of that will help us help you enjoy your trip by providing you with a safe, healthy setting. This information is kept confidential. Also any talents -- including musical talents, interests, skills, sports and activities experience relating to this trip-- is helpful. Also let Sheryl know of any concerns, questions such as whether you need assistance finding a room mate, carpooling, transportation, booking airfare, etc. or anything else on your mind! 

General Guidelines

When we are traveling, our group becomes like a team or a family for a few days.  Get to know others in our group!  Look for ways to help someone else have a great time and it will automatically make your trip better!  This is not a requirement, but a great opportunity to learn more about the fun, interesting people we attract who come from all walks of life. The scenery, activities, sports, food, entertainment, etc. are all awesome, but developing new friendships among our group may actually be the greatest and most long lasting reward of all!

Additional Information




Event options:


My Information

Recreation Activities


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