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1999 Ski Centurion Elite Bowrider 21 foot Ski Boat

Sheryl McGlochlin - Wednesday, May 03, 2017

1999 Ski Centurion Elite Bowrider 21 foot Ski Boat


New Blue Tooth Stereo Deck
Many Improvements include:  
Stereo Wiring Redone
12" Subwoofer
New throttle cable
New steering cable
Inboard motor
LED Light Bar
Battery Switch

Southern Utah Adventure Trip w/ 50 Activities to choose from!

Sheryl McGlochlin - Monday, November 24, 2014

Lodging at beautiful Coral Springs Resort!

St. George, Zion National Park, Snow Canyon State Park

January 16 - 19, 2015

4 day/3 night


Price based on double occupancy

Price includes:

  • Lodging at Coral Springs Resort for 3 nights/4 days
  • 10 Healthy, Delicious Meals (including Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
  • Organized outdoor and indoor activities each day from sunrise to sunset and beyond!
  • Carpool assistance is provided

50 ACTIVITIES to choose from!

Many of these are organized with specific days and times so you will get to know others with similar interests & talents.Each person attending will be asked which of these activities they are interested in, PRIOR to the trip.You will also receive a list of what to bring based on the activities you plan to participate in.Activities range from free, minimal cost, to more pricy.

  • Snowshoeing
  • Dry Hiking
  • Ice Hiking
  • Exploring Lava Caves
  • Flat Water Kayaking
  • Stand Up Paddle Surfing
  • Helicopter Rides -  http://www.zionhelicopters.com
  • Sky Diving
  • Day Spa
  • Hot Tubbing
  • Massage
  • Boating
  • Theatrical Productions
  • Going to Concerts
  • Dancing
  • Fishing
  • Zip lining
  • Golf
  • Yoga
  • Stretching Classes
  • Sunrise & Sunset Photography
  • Nature Photography
  • Boulder Hopping
  • Star Gazing
  • Stalking Wildlife
  • Horseback Riding
  • Canyoneering
  • Rappelling
  • Basketball
  • Scenic Drives
  • Sight Seeing
  • Shopping
  • Running in a Half Marathon or 5K Race
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Bike Riding
  • Trail Running
  • Exploring Slot Canyons
  • Relaxing
  • Reading
  • Healthy Eating Cooking Classes
  • Meditating
  • Tennis
  • Roller Blading
  • Campfires
  • ATV Riding
  • Dirt Biking
  • Card and Board Games
  • Talent Show
  • Music Jam Session

Sleep when you get back home!


Martin Luther King Holiday Weekend

4 hour drive from Salt Lake City

Who is invited?

Those who love

  • being active
  • playing in a beautiful outdoor playground like Southern Utah
  • making new friends

Plenty of Outdoor Activities! VIDEO

$450/person/based on double occupancy

$200/deposit due at time of booking

Total Amount Due: Dec. 16, 2014

Call, text or email me at sheryl@liveandthrive.com or 801-278-5313 to reserve a spot today!
Tell me how you would like to pay.

Check or Credit Card payments accepted

Contact Info:

email:  sheryl@liveandthrive.com
cell:  801-278-5313
website: liveandthrive.com

  • Meet others with similar abilities and interests
  • All ages, experience and abilities are welcome
  • Wide range of indoor and outdoor activities offered. 
  • There really is something for everyone!  



          • Drive time from SLC to Coral Springs: 4 hours, one way
          • Join us as soon as you are able.  Many will arrive by 12 noon, Friday, Jan. 16.
          • On Monday, leave whenever you are ready 


          $35 Annual Club Registration Fee due before attending.  Go to: Outdoor Adventure Club

          Register here

          • Members receive many benefits and are invited to 400+ outdoor adventure outings each year AND receive discounts and assistance on rentals, lessons, equipment, National and State Park Fees and ground transportation. 




          Scenic places

          NEARBY (WITHIN 0.1 TO 10 MILES)

          Quail Lake State Park 2.1
          Utah Sports Lodge 3.2
          Sand Hollow Resevoir 5.1 Downtown St. George 8.6
          St George Municipal Airport (SGU) 9.8 Tuacahn Theater 11.9

          Zion National Park 24.8 


          Delicious, healthy, home cooked

          • Breakfast: Whole grain pancakes, eggs, bacon, hash browns, french toast, smoothies, hot whole grain cereal buffet with toppings i.e. fresh fruit, nuts, craisins, dried fruit, brown sugar, almond milk, regular milk, etc.  Toppings for pancakes include pure maple syrup, whipped cream, fruit, whipped butter 
          • Lunch:  Assorted Sandwich makings (Turkey, cheese, pickles, peanut butter, jam, honey, etc.) Fruit, Chips, Granola Bars
          • Dinner:  Italian, Asian, Mexican, and Western BBQ Dinners served Buffet Style, which allows everyone to "Build Your Own" meal to accommodate a wide variety of dietary needs and wants.  All dinners are made from scratch, healthy, hearty, and home-cooked!  All dinners include salad makings, and may include soups/stews, crackers, cheese, fruit, veggies, and dessert as well. 
          NOTE:  Provide your own snacks for in-between meals and beverages



          • 12 Noon: Meet us at Coral Springs Resort. 
          • 12 noon - 6 pm:  Lunch, activities
          • 5 - 6 pm: Dinner preparation
          • 6 - 7 pm: Dinner
          • Sunset Photo Opportunities
          • 7 - 10 pm:  Activities

          Saturday, Sunday

          • 6 - 8 am: Sunrise, activities, breakfast
          • 7 am - 6 pm:  Activities
          • 5 - 6 pm: Dinner preparation
          • 6 - 7 pm: Dinner
          • Sunset Photo Opportunities
          • 7 - 10 pm:  Activities


          • 6 - 8 am: Sunrise, breakfast, activities
          • 11 am:  Check out
          • 8 am - 5 PM: Activities 
          • Leave for home whenever you like

            Ice and Snow Hiking in Zion

            Micro spikes, pictured above, are required to hike in Zion National Park due to trail conditions which may have snow or ice on the trail. 

            • Micro Spikes are required for all hikers heading into Zion NP.  I have several brand new pair in stock, available for purchase. Cost: $50/pair
            • Micro Spikes are used on icy or snow packed trails, especially in Zion, which may have snow.
            • Micro Spikes slip over regular hiking shoes.  They offer excellent traction while hiking on ice or snowpacked trails. 

            Camping - What to bring

            Sheryl McGlochlin - Monday, March 24, 2014

            To help you remember what to take on a camping trip, keep updated check lists. 

            Lists written on poster board are hard to lose or you can use a notebook to keep track of your needs. 

            As you become a more experienced camper, eliminate items which prove unworkable and add gear you want to try on future trips. 

            Basics for Camping

            For Shelter:

            • Tent w/ rain fly
            • Poles
            • Stakes
            • Tarp

            For Sleeping: 

            • Sleeping bag
            • Pad
            • Cot (optional)
            • Pillow

            For cooking: 

            • Lightweight stove
            • Fuel
            • Matches (waterproof)
            • Fire-starter
            • Pots & pans w/ lids
            • Pot lifter or hot pads
            • Collapsible water container
            • Bottle of water
            • Dutch Oven

            For eating:

            • Plate
            • Cup
            • Spoons
            • Forks
            • Knives
            • Bowl
            • Camp Chair

            For clean-up:  

            • Biodegradable soap
            • Pan scrubber
            • Sponge
            • Paper towels or dish towel

            For mending:

            • Sewing needles
            • Thread
            • Safety pins
            • Adhesive-backed tape
            • Buttons
            • Nylon cord
            • Pack connectors (clevis pins, split rings)

            • Food:
            • Basic meals
            • Emergency extras
            • Trail snacks


            • Basic daily clothing
            • Layered clothes
            • Rain gear
            • Warm clothes
            • In-camp footwear


            • Hair brush
            • Toothbrush
            • Toothpaste
            • Soap
            • Toilet paper
            • Chapstick

            Wilderness Essentials:  

            • Map in waterproof plastic
            • Compass
            • First-aid kit
            • Hats (for warmth and for sun)
            • Sun screen
            • Sunglasses
            • Bug repellent
            • Flashlight w/ fresh batteries
            • Extra batteries
            • Cell phone
            • Solar powered light
            • Extra clothes (especially socks)
            • Extra food
            • Heavy jacket
            • Swiss Army Knife
            • Tools (hammer, etc)
            • Matches
            • Fire-starter
            • Space Blanket or garbage bags
            • Pads
            • Stove
            • Fuel


            • Small games
            • Journal
            • Camera

            2014 Adventure Trip Lineup

            Sheryl McGlochlin - Wednesday, January 29, 2014

            2014 Adventure Trip Calendar

            February 25 - March 4  Caribbean Adventure Trip, THREE Islands

            Caribbean Trip Video

            It's not too late for just a few more people to join us on our upcoming 3 Island Caribbean Trip!
            Act now since we leave in less than 30 days!!
            Just $1200!   Includes nearly everything but airfare
            Included: all meals, condo lodging, and ground transportation to 2 US islands and 1 UK island. 

            (Details on the following trips will be posted soon)

            March 27 - 29  Escalante Trip - Waterfall, Slot Canyons, Canyoneering

            June 12 - 16   Grand Teton & Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

            August 7 - 11  Colorado National Memorial, Grand Junction, Colorado

            September 4 - 8  Lake Powell, Lone Rock Beach, Hiking & Water Sports

            October 16 - 18, Capitol Reef NP Sulphur Creek - River Hike thru Slot Canyons

            Nov. 5 - 12   Hawaii - Maui

            Nov. 12 - 19  Hawaii - Maui

            January 15 - 19, 2015 - Bryce & Zion NP WInter Hiking Trip

            February 2015 - Date TBA - Caribbean Adventure Trip

            2013 Outdoor Adventure Calendar of Events: May 1 & beyond

            Sheryl McGlochlin - Thursday, May 02, 2013

            2013 Outdoor Adventure Calendar of Events

            May - December 2013

            My next TV segment on

            KSL TV,  Studio 5

            • Tuesday, May 7
            • KSL TV, Channel 5
            • 11 AM - 12 Noon
            • Topic:  5 Favorite Paved Bike Trails in Utah

            Previous Outdoor Adventure Segments on Studio 5

            Camping Demo, Italian Dutch Oven Dinner, Campfire

            • Saturday, May 4
            • 6 - 9 PM
            • Sheryl's home in Holladay
            • RSVP via email
            • DETAILS

            Be in the loop!

            Local Weekly Hiking Calendar

            WATERFALL PHOTOS - The spring waterfall season is in full swing!  Don't miss it.

            May 4:   Stewart Falls, Provo Canyon - My 2nd FAVORITE Waterfall in Utah, next to Calf Creek Falls
            May 11: Hidden Falls, Big Cottonwood Canyon
            May 18  Donut Falls, Big Cottonwood Canyon
            May 25  Scout Falls, American Fork Canyon


            View more on Hiking CALENDAR

            Hiking Orientation Info

            • Every Saturday
            • No charge 
            • 30 minutes long
            • Held 15 - 30 minutes prior to our hike


            Canyoneering in Southern Utah

            I am excited to partner with Excursions of Escalante for all our canyoneering outings this year!
            They are truly the best guides you'll ever find in this sport.
            It's worth the 4 1/2 hours to drive to Escalante where the best slot canyons in the world are!

            See details on the CALENDAR

            Garden Info & Tour

            Garden Calendar:

            • Free Garden Tours!
            • Free Garden Newsletter Subscription
            • $100/household per year for full benefits
            • Flexible payments for those w/ financial hardships
            • 10 months/year
            • Holladay, South Jordan, East Millcreek, West Jordan
            • 3 acres
            • 14 gardens
            • Working garden members
            • All abilities/ages welcome
            • Work together as a team
            • Meet new friends
            • Flexible schedule
            • Abundance of fresh local harvest for members
            • Garden Blog
            • What our garden members are saying about us...

            Local Adventure Trips - register soon!

            • 4 day/3 night - come for all or part
            • $150/person & up (some exceptions apply)
            • Cost includes carpool/transportation, lodging, meals, *activities
            • Some activities require fee
            • Camping AND Cabin or Hotel Accommodations


            Featured Trip of the Year: 

            A few spaces still available!  It's not too late to register.

            Nov  13 - 20  Maui, Hawaii

            2013 Activities include:

            • Alpine Skiing (Downhill Skiing)
            • Alpine Coaster
            • Alpine Slide
            • Bike Riding on Paved Trails
            • Breakfast in the canyons
            • Boating - Speed Boat
            • Canyoneering
            • Camping
            • Campfires

            • Canoeing
            • Caves - Timpanogos
            • Nordic Skiing (Cross Country Skiing)
            • Dutch Oven Cooking
            • Exploring
            • Emergency Preparedness Courses
            • Fishing
            • Freeline Skating
            • Hiking
            • High Altitude Hiking
            • Horseback Riding

            • Ice Hiking
            • Kayaking - Flat Water
            • Land Paddling
            • Lake Cruise
            • Lava Tubes
            • Mountain Biking
            • Nature Photography

            • Outdoor Cooking
            • Picnic on the Peak
            • Repelling
            • River Rafting
            • Rock Climbing
            • Snowshoeing
            • Star Gazing
            • Surfing
            • Scenic Float Trips

            • Scenic Lift Rides
            • Scenic Byways
            • Snorkeling
            • Scuba Diving
            • Stand Up Paddle Surfing
            • Waterfall Hiking
            • White Water River Rafting
            • Wildlife Viewing
            • Zipfy Riding
            • Zipline Riding

            Ready to Hike the Swiss Alps this summer? Talk to me - I'll get you ready!

            Sheryl McGlochlin - Wednesday, January 02, 2013

            5 years ago I organized a group of 15 people to hike the Swiss Alps.  Since I knew this would be a group with a wide variety of hiking ability, I built an itinerary specifically for those who were coming.  It was an amazing trip and I can't wait to do it again!!

            We spent 5 days based in Zermatt looking over the Matterhorn and 5 days based in Lauterbrunnen (Jungfrau Region).

            Lauterbrunnen is situated in one of the most impressive trough valleys in the Alps, between gigantic rock faces and mountain peaks. With its 72 thundering waterfalls, secluded valleys, colourful alpine meadows and lonely mountain inns, the Lauterbrunnen Valley is one of the biggest nature conservation areas in Switzerland.

            Since I personally can't go to Switzerland every year and hike the Swiss Alps, I partner with a close friend of mine who DOES go every summer and takes people to all of these amazing places!

            When I go back to Switzerland, this is exactly what I'll do... again, since it accommodates so many different type of people. We had some in our group who loved hiking 12 hours every day, and others who were done after about an hour. It allows everyone to do what they want without holding anyone back.

            Some of us went mountain biking down an alp!

            Some went white water river rafting one day as well.

            Meet Up Groups for Exercise - One of my recent KSL TV segments

            Sheryl McGlochlin - Saturday, December 08, 2012



            Studio 5 - Weekdays at 11am on KSL 5

            Meet Up Groups for Exercise

            Make exercise your social hour, and you're likely to stick with it. Social media makes it easy for strangers to meet up and exercise together. 

            Outdoor enthusiast Sheryl McGlochlin spotted this new genre of recreation, and shares five favorites with Studio 5.

            The trend of plugging yourself into new fitness groups, using social media, is making life so fun! You NEVER have to workout alone with whatever sport you want to participate in!

            Benefits of exercising with a group:

            Groups that exercise together may not have anything else at all in common! It's great because it brings people together who may not think they would ever be friends or even acquaintances in any other setting.

            Speaking from experience as a leader of a group, I also see people struggling socially. They have become "workaholics" and need to change their lives and find new friends. They know they are losing social skills and want to change. I believe you can never have enough active, healthy-minded friends! They are GOLD and will keep you on the right track throughout your life!

            What should join a group?
            · Who are hungry to try new things and meet others
            · Who have a wide variety of skills, ability and experience
            · From all walks of life and all ages
            · Who are courageous!
            · Who are willing to come by themselves and be open minded and friendly with the group.
            · Who are coming for a specific sport or activity
            · Who aren't afraid to join a group and participate with a bunch of strangers!
            · Who may have nothing in common with anyone else EXCEPT the actual sport itself!

            I also see people who are in the process of moving to Utah from various parts of the world, who haven't arrived yet. They know about our beautiful mountains and want to go hiking when they get here. They find out about my hiking group by doing a Google search, then start emailing me to get to know me better BEFORE they arrive. When they do get here, they instantly have a friend and fit right in. They don't need to deal with a long, lonely time before getting acclimated. I have even helped new hikers find a place to live, etc.

            About the leader

            · In a group setting, there is always a leader or organizer
            · They hold it together, with the help of some assistant organizers
            · They generally don't offer formal instruction except for a brief orientation before the event.

            As a leader, social media makes it so easy to promote the group. For example:
            · I can organize and promote quickly and broadly without spending much money.
            · It allows people to find out what's going on and "fit in" to a new environment VERY quickly!

            What these 5 groups have in common:

            Open to all adults - regardless of experience, skill or ability A great way to make new friends while being active Friendly environment For support, a leader, organizer or coach will ease you into the group

            Where to find a group:

            · Meetup.com
            · Adult Community Education
            · Facebook
            · Google Search
            · Word of Mouth from locals
            · Bulletin Boards at Outdoor Retail Stores i.e. REI
            · City and County Parks and Recreation
            · On location! - parks, trails, etc.

            5 Featured Groups:

            1. Hiking

            Live and Thrive Outdoor Adventures Hiking Group

            How often they meet: 3 times/week

            To find out more about them: Adult Community Education, Meetup.comhttp://www.slcschools.org/departments/community-education/documents/2012-Fall-Course-Catalog.pdf, http://www.meetup.com/LiveAndThriveOutdoorAdventures/, http://liveandthrive.com/

            2. Trail Running

            Desert Sharks Triathlon Club

            How often they meet: 4 - 6 times/week
            To find out more about them: 
            Desert Sharks Triathlon Club (search name on FB) Group runs are posted through FB and open to anyone. 
            Club website: desert-sharks.com 
            Runs posted are located throughout the valley and Wasatch Front including trails. 
            Typically, runs are held Monday evenings (spring thru fall), "Neighborhood Runs" Saturday mornings, and "Blair Witch Runs" often occur at Dimple Dell on a full moons (Spring thru Fall). 
            Distance & pace are accommodated by usually offering an out-and-back course, running for a set amount of time to re-group at the end (allowing individuals to run their own pace and distance).

            Salt Lake City Track Club (Search name on FB) 
            Club contact: slctrack@xmission.com (Club President is Jim Milar) 
            Club website: slctrackclub.org

            Other resources…
            Running Stores
            Wasatch Running Center (approx. 9000 S State, Midvale)
            Salt Lake Running Co (700 East and 2100 South)
            Run GR8 (approx. 12600 South 2700 West, Riverton) 
            All stores also offer neighborhood runs.
            Wasatch Running Center hosts Tuesday night track workouts. 
            RUN GR8 has a party bus you can sign up for to take from the store to local half marathons. (A great Social Factor!)

            As well, you can find a photo of some of our runners post Saturday morning run on our Facebook page.

            3. Swimming

            Masters Swim Program at Dimple Dell

            How often they meet:
            6-8 times/week depending on the season. During the summer, it's more frequent, and there are other opportunities to meet up for open water swimming.

            Web: www.recreation.slco.org/dimpledell

            4. Volleyball

            Utah Outdoor Volleyball Association

            How often they meet: Varies on the tournaments

            How to find out about them:


            5. Family Adventure Walks in Nature

            Family Adventures in Nature SLC

            How often they meet: Varies

            Family Adventures in Nature SLC is a local group dedicated to helping families connect their children to nature in and around the Salt Lake City region with regularly scheduled, year-round outings. We focus on outdoor free time and encourage adults to follow their children's lead, fostering their natural sense of wonder and awe. Our main focus is to allow unstructured time to explore the outdoors.

            Occasionally we will offer guided outings and special nature activities, crafts, etc. Family Adventures in Nature (FAN) is open to ANYONE with the ambition to connect their family to nature. We want to help you take the next step in this direction. So, whether you are a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or a beginner, you are welcome. Bring your sense of adventure and be prepared to have fun!

            How to find out about them:

            More resources

            They have a print magazine - available free in most libraries

            Most of these clubs have weekly group rides

            In-line Skating Calendar

            Sponsor group skates

            Bike Polo


            Utah county group mentions stroller walks

            Stroller Friendly Hikes & Walks

            Hiking, walking, running with a compass


            Letterboxing - like Geocaching but without a GPS





            Volkssport, Sponsor Walks
            Some include an incentive - a pin or patch

            Cost is minimal - usually 3-5 dollars


            Leave your comments...

            Post a new comment
            KSL's public inspection files, including the Children's Television Programming Reports and the DTV Quarterly Activity Station Report, are available for viewing during regular office hours at the KSL Broadcast House.
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            Come, play with us this winter! Outdoor Adventure & Community Garden Calendar

            Sheryl McGlochlin - Thursday, December 06, 2012

            #1 way to reduce stress and feel happy during the winter months:  

            Get outside, away from the city, enjoy nature with good people!

            That's my Christmas gift to you!

            I'll provide plenty of outings that are perfect for all abilities.

            99 Reasons WHY you should snowshoe!

            Not feeling confident about joining us during the winter?

            No worries!  Email me anytime OR talk to me in person about your concerns during several CALENDAR EVENTS when I'll have more time to visit with you i.e. Snowshoe Orientation, $20 Clothing Sales, or "Work for Food" Winter Garden Tour and Parties.

            2013 Outdoor Adventure and Winter Community Garden Calendar

            I'm working hard on posting many outings on my website for 2013.  Check the calendar often!

            I hope you'll join us!

            Those who have been coming are having a great time!

            3rd Annual Bryce Canyon National Park Winter Hiking Trip -  

            It's shaping up to be another great trip and we have had some AMAZING trips during the past 12 months!  We will have around 40 people on this trip.  That means plenty of smaller groups with similar abilities so everyone will have fun.  Register now IF you want to get all the details that I'll be sending out during the next few weeks. 

            Snowshoe Outings (Tuesday and Thursday mornings)

            Rain, snow, shine, etc. we are out there!  I always tweak the outing to fit the weather and road conditions but I don't ever cancel, so come!!  It may be a shorter outing and we may not go into the canyons if it's raining/snowing but it's always fun!!  I have special local trails that I use on days that have inclement weather. It always feels so good to get outside, even for an hour regardless of the weather!

            Multi Sport Outings - Downhill Ski, Cross Country Ski, Snowshoe or Hike

            Monday through Friday in the afternoon.  Check details since this has become one of our favorite things to do during the week!  It's a rare occasion that you can find a place to do so many winter sports all in the same area!  The minimal cost will be for those who downhill ski.  It's a great price for skiers who want to ski often and for a shorter amount of time.  Snowshoers and skiers ride up together, then meet back in the parking lot 90 minutes later.

            "Work for Food" Winter Garden Tour and Parties

            With nearly 3 acres of garden space all around the SL valley and year round gardening, I can help you save serious money on food. By working a minimum of one hour per month, you'll receive amazing benefits!  Cost: $100/household for the next 12 months! Plan on receiving plenty of locally grown food! Gardening is very therapeutic and a valuable skill to have considering our economic climate.  We require no prior knowledge or experience.  What is required is a positive attitude and willingness to work a minimum of one hour per month. Help me spread the word by telling family, friends and coworkers since we are in need of more members for our 6th Annual Working Community Garden Group!  Makes a perfect Christmas gift.

            $20 Winter Clothing Sale - Outer Wear, Gently Used, Quality, Brand Names, Men, Women, Children Sizes

            During the month of December there are 4 times a week you can come and check out all the clothing items for sale!

            Zipfys For Sale!

            Cost:  $40 each, in stock.  Super fun and SAFE for nearly all ages.  I love the Zipfy because I think it's the safest, most fun sledding device on the market!Check out my super fun Zipfy Ride down a mountain!  Watch for Zipfy Riding Outings soon!

            High Tech MSR Snowshoes & Poles for rent: 

            Cost:  $10/person per outing. I have invested in 18 pair for members of our group. Available only for those attending our outings.  RSVP for a Snowshoe Outing and book a pair.

            Snowshoe Outings (Saturday mornings)  

            We never cancel due to any type of weather so come!  If necessary learn tips on how to dress for any type of weather condition. Rainy or snowy days are excellent opportunities to test your clothing.  If you like, I can teach you how to stay comfortable, warm and dry for any type of weather.  Depending on the weather conditions, we may or may not go into the canyons.  Safety is always my #1 priority. The outing may be shorter as well on wild weather days.

            Snowshoe Orientation (Saturday mornings)

            Every Saturday at 8 am at our regular meeting place I offer a 30 minute Snowshoe Orientation to help those who may be new to snowshoeing or joining our group for the first time.  I want you to have a great time, the first time out with us!  It may be a bit intimidating so come early and talk to me in person about any concerns you have. Meet my assistants and others who will help you during the outing, if you need assistance.  You can attend the orientation only. Come and get acclimated to the group!

            Before attending, check out these links: 

            Photos and Info about Snowshoeing

            Upcoming Events to be posted soon:

            9th Annual Downtown SL Christmas Night Walk -

            Hopefully, if the weather looks dry, I'll post for either Wednesday or Thursday, Dec. 12 or 13.  I plan to post 2 of these outings.  The second one will be posted for the following week, on a different weekday.

            Weekend Hiking Trips

            Several trips are being planned for 2013.  Bryce is just the first one for 2013.  I'll let you know as soon as they post, since I know you want plenty of notice.

            Avalanche Safety: Take the time to learn more...

            Sheryl McGlochlin - Tuesday, November 27, 2012


            Anyone who spends any time in the Wasatch Mountains during the winter months should become familiar with the good, bad and ugly side of snow!  I mostly talk about how beautiful and magical it is.  You'll see plenty of photos I've taken of a spectacular winter wonderland, however, I pay close attention to and study up on Avalanche Danger, watching the daily activity of what's happening up in our mountains.

            I am very grateful for the Utah Avalanche Center and how hard they work to educate and keep everyone of us safe while we are playing in the snow all winter long.

            Check out the videos they have produced and subscribe to their daily newsletter to see what's happening often.

            We support and raise money for the Utah Avalanche Center since they work very hard for very little money.  They always need more money so donate to their cause if you can.  

            It's helps us all enjoy our winter playground whether we are snowshoeing, zipfy riding, skiing or snowmobiling!

            Ski Utah Winter Blog

            Sheryl McGlochlin - Tuesday, November 27, 2012


            Check this blog out if you are into Skiing or snowshoeing!  

            It will remind you just how beautiful the mountains are during the winter season!

            Article Calendar


            Recreation Activities

            Upcoming Events

            FREE Evening Picnic, East Canyon State Park, Watercraft rentals optional
            HIKE: Baby Thunder & White Pine Trail, Snowbird, Little Cottonwood Canyon
            SUMMER Hiking Orientation
            HIKE: Deer Valley to Park City on Mid Mountain Trail
            HIKE: Lake Mary from Brighton Ski Resort, Big Cottonwood Canyon
            Summer Hike: Trail & Canyon To be announced
            SUMMER Hiking Orientation
            Happy 4th of July! Hike: Silver Lake to Lake Solitude, Big Cottonwood Canyon
            Hike: Big Water Trail to Dog Lake, top of Millcreek Canyon
            FREE Evening Picnic, East Canyon State Park, Watercraft rentals optional

            View all Live and Thrive Events