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Monday, April 9, Garden update...

Sheryl McGlochlin - Monday, April 09, 2012

Holladay Gardens:

8 - 10 am, Monday: We still have a lot of work to do in our Holladay gardens, mostly weed control around all of the hundreds of peas that are coming up.  Let me know if you are able to come to Holladay and help us anytime this week.  If you can't come on a scheduled time, email me and I'll show you what needs to be done.  I have the right tools to use so it will be fast and easy to do.

Once we get the weeds out between the rows of peas, we will quickly lay black plastic mulch down which will help us eliminate any further weeding in those areas. A very smart tip if you want to eliminate a ton of weeding in your garden!


1 - 3 pm: We're shooting a video today on How to Build your own inexpensive Hoophouse - You are invited to come and watch us film this or just wait for the video that will be posted soon.  Sorry, no children are invited to attend this event.   Call me for the specific address here in Holladay where we are shooting this.  801-278-5313


South Jordan A:  11371 So. 2865 W.

We worked hard last Saturday and got 8 long rows of crops planted.  Crops include: onions, radishes, turnips, lettuce, spinach, kohlrabi (from the cabbage family), carrots, and more is coming including potatoes, broccoli, cabbage, etc.

We need your help in getting more rows planted this week!  This is a very big garden!


THREE Gardens will provide all of our early spring crops - Holladay A & B AND South Jordan A

All of our other gardens are being prepared to handle ALL of our summer crops which will all be planted by Mother's Day, (May 14th).  If you are able to help us with our Early Spring Gardens, plan to go to one of these THREE gardens.  We need you!

Saturday, Feb. 4 - Half of the Holladay Greenhouse is now planted with Tossed Salad makings!

Sheryl McGlochlin - Saturday, February 04, 2012

A big thanks to Tiffiny for working so long in the greenhouse today!  For over 4 hours she planted a bunch of Swiss Chard and lettuce in half of our large 1200 sq ft greenhouse.  We will begin enjoying this delicious harvest before March 31!

She was able to finish getting a bunch of organic debris off the garlic, which is growing very nicely outside the greenhouse, so we can start eating it within another week! 

People are surprised to hear how much work there is to do in a garden in February.

There is PLENTY of work to be done inside a greenhouse AND outside in the yard, right now.

We try to take advantage of these warmer days like today, that feel more like spring than winter. 

1st Garden Work day of 2012! SO exciting!!!

Sheryl McGlochlin - Thursday, February 02, 2012

A big HUGE thanks to Pat, Hilary and Julie for helping me on this first work day of the year!

We got a lot of the greenhouse organized and cleaned up.

Everyone got a loaf of Great Harvest Bread for working, along with a bunch of Rich's Bagels.

I never know what food we'll have for our garden members when they come and work, but if we have food available, you will definitely get some!

I'm adding a NEW work time - tomorrow, Friday, Feb. 3, 1:30 - 3 pm

If you want to work with us, RSVP via email and come!!

This year is going to be SO great and I know we will be growing a TON of food.

I'm excited!

Wed, Oct. 7, Update: BIG thanks to those who worked in Rain/Cold to preserve our plants

Sheryl McGlochlin - Friday, October 07, 2011

A big HUGE thank you to everyone who worked in the rain and cold temperatures to help us save many tomato plants and other tender crops in several gardens before the storm hit later that night. 

The crops and even whole plants have been taken inside our greenhouse in Holladay where we will continue producing more fruit over the next 30 days or longer.  By having a cold frame greenhouse we can extend the life of our crops by 30 - 60 days.  Yea!!!

Pros & Cons for owning a garden group like mine

Sheryl McGlochlin - Friday, October 07, 2011

My biggest challenge....

I think about some aspect of food a LOT!  I now know why farmers like to take a break during the winter months, because it's always on your mind!  Whether it's growing food, preserving food, or trying to motivate garden members to come and work or pick up harvest, it seems there is always something challenging about this process of eating and growing local food.

Since we can't control the weather, it's a challenge to make sure our plants and harvest don't...

  • freeze
  • go to waste
  • wilt from the heat
  • die because of a lack of nutrients
  • die because of a lack of too much water or not enough water
  • etc.  


The BEST thing about owning a garden group like mine....

The daily miracles I witness!! 

By FAR, this is the #1 thing that keeps me going all year long!

  • How amazing it is to see the impact of just ONE working garden member who works for 2 hours!
  • How willing garden members, who bring their families, are to help with picking the harvest or doing whatever they are asked to do.
  • How generous many of our homeowners are by providing the needed water and land
  • How gratifying it is to see neighbors of our homeowners who are willing to water our crops all summer long.
  • How capable we are of feeding so many families, many of whom are currently unemployed or struggling to feed their families but are willing to work hard to earn food.
  • How inspiring it is to watch a member, who is recovering from a brain injury, come and work in order to provide food for his family.
  • How delicious a fresh cucumber, yellow squash, tomato, pepper, peach or apple tastes, right after it's been picked!

These are just a few of the reasons why I do what I do, despite all of the demanding challenges of farming.

It IS very hard, demanding work (much like a new-born baby) and yes, this is self-inflicted!

I choose to do this work.

As if being a farmer isn't enough work, I can't live without my Outdoor Adventure Business, teaching hooping and healthy eating classes, and my family is always expanding with more grand children, but it's all worth it.  

I have been blessed with an abundance of energy and strength to meet the challenges that come my way.

Friday, Sept. 30: The Greenhouse NOW has lights!!!

Sheryl McGlochlin - Friday, September 30, 2011
A big huge thanks to Bob Wright, a wonderful electrician, who came on Thursday, Sept. 29 and installed power in the greenhouse.  I'll have everyone come over soon and check it out - at NIGHT!!  We will now be able to work in the  greenhouse in the evenings throughout the entire winter!

Picking Apricots on Sat. June 23, Update

Sheryl McGlochlin - Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'll get over to this property today and look at the apricots to make sure they'll be ripe enough for Sat., then I'll update this on the blog.  I'm hoping for 8:30 am Sat. morning if homeowners are fine w/ that.   If you want to participate, email me so I have an idea who all can help.

Let me know if you can bring ladders and buckets.

I need someone to come to Holladay A Garden and pick up a bunch of shallow boxes to put them all in so we don't stack them deep and squish them all.

Remember, you are picking for the whole group as well as yourself so I need some of you to bring apricots back to my place after you've picked.

We have a lot of members who have been doing a lot of serious weeding in some of our largest gardens lately and I want to make sure they get apricots as well.

Just know that this is JUST THE BEGINNING of picking a LOT of fruit trees and harvest for the season.  We will need a great deal of help from now until October!

Plums should also be coming soon!

Toads and snakes in the gardens....

Sheryl McGlochlin - Thursday, June 23, 2011

South Jordan A Garden:

If you walk quietly and carefully through the pea patch, you may find the big toad that lives in our pea patch!  He is camouflaged. He is not a small little frog, he's much bigger than a frog. It was fun to find him today!  Don't bother him.  Don't try and catch him. Don't take him home with you.  Just let him enjoy living in our small pea plantation!  I wish I had my camera today but he was hard to spot even when I was looking directly at him!  You won't hardly see him until he moves.   

West Jordan A Garden

While planting tomatoes this morning, TWO garden snakes slithered by a few rows away from me.  These are harmless snakes but in the 4 years I've been gardening all over the Salt Lake valley, I've never run into ANY snakes OR toads and today it all happened on the same morning!!!  WAY cool!!

June 20, Garden update....

Sheryl McGlochlin - Monday, June 20, 2011

What can I say.  Everyone who came today worked very hard!  I don't log my hours in this garden group because I'm afraid to see how many hours would show up.  It was an 11 hour day today for me.  Started at 8 am and finished at 7 pm.

1st:  We had a GREAT crew of 3 - we worked hard planting a LOT more tomatoes at West Jordan A Garden.  We still need 61 more tomatoes planted there.  I have 61 tomatoes at my home, ready to be planted there, so that's one job we need to finish real soon.


2nd:  Jeff helped us get a missing part for the irrigation system when we arrived at his home, the West Jordan C garden.  We finished installing the drip line together and planted 10 watermelons.  


3rd:  At the South Jordan A garden, we planted 3 long rows of summer squash and 3 long rows of bush beans.  A few more people came to help us, namely Cindy's family, and helped us harvest peas and salad greens.


4th:  We thought we were done and said goodbye to Cindy and her family but then Lori and I didn't want to take the rest of the watermelon plants back home so we drove down to South Jordan B Garden and got all the rest planted next to the corn.


5)  Lori went home, then Elliot called and said he could come and work for a few hours in the afternoon.  I went to the dump and picked up a truckload of rich mulch/compost and Carolyn came over and helped me start to put this in our front garden. Dave, my husband, came out and helped later on.


While we worked hard on the West side this morning, we had a crew of hard workers on my property working.


Thank you SO much for all your help!!!!!!

Garden Update: MAJOR progress in Taylorsville Garden tonight!

Sheryl McGlochlin - Tuesday, June 07, 2011

We made SO much progress tonight in the Taylorsville Garden with just 8 people!!!!  As of 10 pm, Tuesday, nearly ALL of Taylorsville Garden is planted now and it's our largest garden! 


Taylorsville Garden NOW has these plants in the ground:

Several types of tomatoes - 52 plants

A variety of pepper plants:  100 plants

Watermelon - 15 plants

Cantaloupe - 72 plants

Cucumbers - 72 plants

This soil is SO rich and easy to work with that it was a GREAT pleasure to work there tonight!

Thank you EVERYONE so much!

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Garden Work w/ Refreshments, Harvest & Exotic Seeds!
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