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Year round downhill ski training:

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We offer semi-private lessons using a few pieces of equipment.  Besides the Skier's Edge ski training machine, trampolines also provide excellent cross training.  We have a few other balancing equipment that rotates through our 30 minute workout.  By the time ski season rolls around, you are definitely in shape and ready to go.  This is also a great way to prevent injuries related to skiing.  This workout is designed to correct your skiing technique as well as strengthen the muscles used for skiing!  Once you purchase the Downhill Ski Punchcard, we'll set up weekly sessions for you to start attending classes.  This punchcard is good for 8 thirty-minute classes.  You'll be impressed with this very effective short 30 minute workout!  

It's great for most abilities and ski levels.

Must be at least 100 lbs to use The Skier's Edge.

This course is not offered at a ski resort, in the snow or on a slope.

It is the best ski workout for pre-season, off season and regular season, to get AND keep your entire body in shape!

Build stamina, coordination, agility and endurance!  We include fun, creative, cross training exercises to go along with the main event: The Skier's Edge Big Mountain. 


The PERFECT workout for skiers, non-skiers and outdoor enthusiasts who are recovering from an injury!

As a non-skier, you'll get your chance to capture the feeling of downhill skiing WITHOUT actually being on a mountain slope.  Get a GREAT workout in the process while burning 1,220 - 1,350 calories/hour.  No bitter cold winter weather to endure.  No need to spend a lot of money on ski equipment, ski passes, winter clothing, or 4 wheel drive vehicles! 


As a skier, you'll improve and perfect your skiing technique, gain much needed stamina and endurance, get in shape BEFORE hitting the slopes, and enjoy a "skiing experience" DURING the ski season, even when you can't be on the slopes!  Whether you want to ski steeper mountains, deeper powder or bigger bumps, you will benefit greatly from this workout.  It's the ultimate carving machine.  It's an entertaining and educational workout to learn from others in the class.   It will prepare you for the highest peaks and steepest slopes. Burns 1,220 - 1,350 calories per hour.


As an active person recovering from an injury, this is a super fun workout to strengthen your body again. 


At the beginning of your first class, you'll receive your Punchcard, good for 8 punches, one per class.   This will allow you to have more flexibility when attending the classes. 

Class may be held inside or out, depending on weather conditions.



2836 E Casto Lane (5060 So.)

Holladay, UT  84117


RSVP before attending by emailing: Sheryl@liveandthrive.com

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